James L McEnerney Lacrosse

James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach Provides Tips for Up-and-Coming Players

James L. McEnerney lacrosse coach talks about the best tips and strategies for newer players.

James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach – An Introduction

If you’re unfamiliar with James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach, you haven’t been keeping up with the competitive lacrosse world. Mr. McEnerney has successfully coached young lacrosse players for decades. He has trained beginners and worked with some of the greatest lacrosse players in the United States and even the world.

As a result, “James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach” is a title that people associate with excellence and experience. Fortunately, James L. McEnerney doesn’t like to keep his knowledge to himself. That’s why he sat down to provide some useful tips for up-and-coming lacrosse players.

5 Tips for New Players From James L. McEnerney Lacross Coach

James L. McEnerney has a lot to say about lacrosse, but he narrowed down his tips and advice to these five quotes:

  • “Lacrosse is a game that requires a strategic mind. You have to constantly look for open spaces and coordinate with your teammates in real-time. Building up physical attributes (speed, strength, etc.) is important, but you also need to focus on learning the strategic elements of the game backward and forward. This will give you a much-needed edge over the competition.” – James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach


  • “Don’t think of your lacrosse journey as a one-man or one-woman show. You are always part of a team that includes players, coaches, and other staff. Treat everyone with respect, and you will get the same treatment in kind. Not only will this make for a better environment in which to play, but it will also improve your reputation as a good sport.” – James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach


  • “If you’re brand new to the game, you’re probably in need of some basic skill practice. For this, focus on catching and throwing. Do this over and over again. Your lacrosse stick needs to become an extension of you. This way, the game will feel second-nature to you.” – James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach


  • “If you have the means, I always recommend investing in a personal trainer. Whether you want someone who can help you improve your lacrosse skills or someone who can push you to new limits at the gym, a personal trainer can be a vital asset.” – James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach


  • “Don’t let small setbacks bring you down. You will lose games. You will make mistakes. This doesn’t make you a loser. You’re only a loser if you give up when things get tough. I don’t like to think of myself as a tough coach, but I do believe in pushing my players. Lacrosse players — especially the younger ones — tend to want to give up whenever they face a new barrier. You can never succeed if you have this mentality.” – James L. McEnerney Lacrosse Coach

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